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How Can I Stop Neck Pain By Doing Neck Flexer Excercise?

The neck pain occurs due to a muscle strain or other benign cause. It is very normal for people to experience pain on the right side of the neck. People often treat their pain with home remedies and medications and also used neck massager.


The neck is a vital portion of the human body, comprising spinal bones, muscles, and other tissues. Unlike other crucial parts of the body, the neck is exposed and at risk of injury. The neck is also prone to tension from constant movement throughout the day.

Cause of Neck Pain

  • Degeneration or wear

Gradual wear can lead to pain in the neck. The vertebrae and discs in the neck will wear out with age. Some medical conditions can also cause vertebrae, discs, and other parts of the neck to break.

  • Bad sleeping position

People's position when sleeping, the number of pillows they use, and the firmness of the mattress can affect how they feel when they wake up in the morning. Sleeping, either without head support or with a misaligned neck, increases the likelihood of waking up with neck pain.

How to come over from Neck Pain

Sleep: At bedtime, you should maintain a straight neck position. If the person sleeps on his back, the pillow should below, and if he sleeps on his side, on one shoulder, it should be a little higher, enough so that the neck remains in a horizontal position.

Neck Flexer

How is a Neck Flexer done?


You have to lie on the mat on your back with legs stretched out, toes facing up (not to the sides), abdomen activated, and arms at the sides of the body.


With your mouth closed and your tongue touching the roof of your mouth, bring your chin to your chest without taking your head off the mat. It's like you want to get a double chin. As you do this, think about squeezing the towel with the back of your neck.


Don't hold your breath and hold that position for a few seconds.


Return to the starting position without opening your mouth and without taking your head off the towel at any time.

Common mistakes when doing a Neck Flexer

1. Open your mouth


It would help if you did the Neck Flexer done with your mouth closed at all times. You may find it difficult to hold your breath smoothly. It does not matter. Practice and little by little, and you will breathe better.

2. Raise your head


The head must touch the towel all the time. And remember to squeeze the towel with your neck while contracting the deep neck flexors.


3. Misaligned feet and deactivated abdomen


This is not essential to do the exercise well. But if you align your feet correctly and keep the abdominal area activated, the exercise's effectiveness will be greater since you will be working more muscles and body awareness.

How to regulate the intensity

As you train your deep Neck Flexer, you will be able to hold out longer in the final position. Start doing about 10 repetitions, keeping the neck contracted for 5 seconds each repetition until you get to maintain the contraction for 10 seconds.


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